Kristall®Car Coating Shampoo

Kristall Car Coating Shampoo outperforms traditional water wax in every single aspect. Our secret, a 6.5 Ph balance, preferred by elite car collectors for a clean yet safe result. Our premium automobile coating shampoo gives your vehicle looking shiny by creating an additional layer of nano-coating protection. It has super water repellent properties which reduces deterioration on the vehicle paint surface and enhances brightness and gloss of the surface. These benefits have a durability for up to 3 months.


Full Car Body
All Windows
Car Roofs


Super Water Repellent. (Hydrophobic)
Enhance Brightness and Gloss Surface
Reduce Deterioration Vehicle Paint Surface
Finest Quality
Durability up to 2-3 Months

What's Included:

User Guide
Kristall Car Coating Hydrophobic Shampoo
Kristall Car Coating Shampoo Box
Kristall Car Coating Shampoo Item Holder
x1 Kristall Premium Micro Fiber Cloth

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