Kristall® Premium Quartz Protective Coating

Different from Kristall Quartz Car Protective Coating,  our premium line makes your vehicle’s look last even longer. Along with benefits such as high gloss and color rejuvenation, anti scratch, super hydrophobic properties and UV resistance, you will enjoy all these advantages for up to 5 years.


Car Paint
Sport Rims
Brake Lights


Protection Up To 5 Years ( For Maximum Effectiveness of the Coating Apply No.2 Every 6 Month )
High Gloss & Color Rejuvenation
Super Hydrophobic
UV Resistant
Enable Easy-to-Clean Surface
Anti-Scratch By 9H ( Pencil Hardness )

What's Included:

Application Instruction
Kristall Sio2 Nano Protective Coating
Kristall Top Layer Coat
X2 Kristall Premium Micro Fiber Cloth
X2 Kristall Premium Foam

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