Kristall® Quartz Car Protective Coating

A multi-layer, highly durable nano-coating to guard against heavy abrasion and maintain the highest effective gloss level. Our super hydrophobic and UV resistant technology creates a easy-cleaning glass effect meaning that water and debris will no longer stick on the  surface. For maximum effectiveness, all you have to do is reapply the special coating once every 6 months and you would enjoy protection for 3 years.


Car Paint
Sport Rims
Brake Lights


Protection Up To 3 Years ( For Maximum Effectiveness of the Coating Apply No.2 Every 6 Months )
High Gloss & Color Rejuvenation
Super Hydrophobic
UV Resistant
Enable Easy-to-Clean Surface
Anti-Scratch By 9H ( Pencil Hardness )

What's Included:

Application Instruction
Kristall Top Layer Coating
Kristall Sio2 Nano Protective Coating
X2 Kristall Premium Micro Fiber Cloth
X2 Kristall Premium Foam

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