Kristall® Ultimate Protector

In today’s world, the smartphone is of course the device that we old most. Smartphone’s, in and of itself is not invulnerable, therefore, Kristall offers a solution; Kristall’s Ultimate Protector. With its unique 3D curved technology, phones can be protected from edge to edge, even with curves. Even though it is only 0.125mm in thickness, it is shatter resistant, and air bubble free. It’s easy to apply, allowing you to remove or reposition the protector yourself. On top of that, it has anti-dirt and dust properties so that you may always enjoy a clean smartphone.


Smartphone Devices


Edge To Edge Curved
Ultra Thin (0.125mm Thickness )
Heavy Duty Shatter Resistant
Air Bubble Free
Easy To Apply, Remove & Reposition
Optical Clear & High Definition
Anti Dirt And Dust

What's Included:

Applicator Card
Dustproof Sticker
Kristall Ultimate Protector
Kristall Cleaning Kit
Premium Quality Micro Fiber Cloth

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