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Kristall® Windshield Protective Coating

The windshield of the car needs to be clean at all times for safe driving. With Kristall’s Windshield Protective Coating, your windshield will no longer need regular cleaning as invisible coatings will create a easy-cleaning glass effect, meaning that water and debris will no longer stick on the surface. You may enjoy protection for up to 1 year and not only that, it improves visibility during rain and dust storms. Not forgetting its anti-scratch and UV resistant features.


All Windows
Glass Roof


Long Protection Up To 1 Year
Improve visibility while raining & dust storm
Super Hydrophobic
UV Resistant
Enable Easy-to-Clean Surface
Anti-Scratch By 9H ( Pencil Hardness )

What's Included:

Instruction Manual
Kristall Premium Foam x 2
Kristall Premium Micro Fiber Cloth x 2
Car Debris & Particles Degreaser
Kristall Sio 2 Windshield Coating
Glass Surface Nano Protective Coating